Why Choose Bodog?

Aside from the fact that Bodog is one of the largest poker sites that generates traffic of about 10,000 to 15,000 players during peak hours and still continue to gain patrons every day, here, the quality of play is not that strict that it offers great opportunity for easy money even if you are only a beginner. Game support is available at anytime either by toll-free phone or email and there are a number of small limit table games, such as those for 5 and 10 cents, which give beginners a chance to learn the game without risking considerable amounts of money. In addition, the range of buying SNG is low that you can actually add smaller denominations to your bet like adding 50 cents to your 10 dollars bet and so on.

Bodog also gives a sizeable bonus which gives you free rein to bet your extra money right after you deposit. And the important thing is that Bodog is already an established company; you can deposit and withdraw betting money with absolute peace of mind.

Why NOT Bodog?

When compared to other poker sites which usually offer a deposit bonus of fifty to a hundred percent of your initial credit, Bodog Poker only gives ten percent bonus. Also, unlike in other prominent poker sites, withdrawing money in Bodog takes quite a lot of time what with their lengthy process.

If you like a variety of poker games, then you might find yourself disappointed with Bodog because they do not offer much game activity but Texas hold’em. Here, the number of slack players is quite big that you frequently encounter bad beats and suck-outs. The lobby stats do not include hands per hour which is important when choosing the best table.

The Verdict:In summary, we give Bodog Poker three stars for its smooth-running site and user-friendly software. Although the overall competition is not that challenging, Bodog allows players to enjoy the game and earn a substantial winning at the same time, whether you’re just a beginner or already a seasoned poker player. Since the game site is open for US players, it is expected to gain more traffic and increase in number of players. This, in turn, will raise the guaranteed prize pools as more money is poured in the site.