Dart Board Packages


Whether you are just starting out or have just decided that your dart board kit is just too old now, there is a dart board package here for you to choose from. Maybe you are a traditionalist and want a standard Bristle dart board kit, you could start with the All in One Gamesroom package which is cheap or should I say reasonably priced, and has good customer reviews, however I would also get some steel tip darts as well, even a cheaper set like the nodor premium darts at $17 or so would be a big improvement on the darts that come with the cheaper sets. Having said that the board and cabinet are just fine for the money.

At the other end of the scale, the Winmau dart board package is a real doosy, with nodor 80% darts, the famous tournament standard blade III dart board, and a solid wood rose colored cabinet. For a steel tip darter this is the ultimate package.

For the Soft tip darters there is a starter package with the Arachnid Walnut electronic dart boards Australia set, but again I would purchase some cheap soft tip darts like the Torpedo 250 darts set as they will be better than the darts set that comes with the package. Again at the top end the Halex Armada set combines the benefits of both the Bristle dart board and the electronic dart board with its Bristle Tech technology that will accept both soft and steel tip darts and has full 16 player capability with 28 games and 167 variations of those games and how about this: a laser toe line that beams from the unit directly on the floor the throw line where you’re supposed to throw from. How About That!! For the soft or steel tip darter this package truly is the rolls royce of dart board packages.

For those who like full protection for their walls the Dart Backboard packages are for you, with the  Winmau Blade III Bristle Board and Dart-Stop Backboard Package a popular favorite, getting the best in bristle dart boards with the best in wall protection.