How to play poker


Have you ever wished to play poker? But didn’t know how to play poker. Well don’t worry, you can easily learn it by following a few steps. Poker in general is a card game that requires a little bit of luck, strategy and skill. There is no proof for who discovered the poker game. But there are many theories that say that the poker originated in china many centuries ago. That doesn’t make any difference to this game as this game has gained its maximum popularity all over United States.

Poker includes many game modes in it, like the “seven card stud” and “Texas hold’em” which makes this game much more interesting. Even celebrities love to play this game. This games mainly deals with observing and reading your opponents facial expression and body language. A sudden change in expression like blushing or eyes popped out of shock may let the opponent know of whether you have a losing or a winning chance. This happens at pro-level gaming where the opponent is very observant and he cracks out the code of every expression. Hence, pro-gamers maintain a straight face which is also called as the “poker face”.
While playing poker, players must make sure they control their expressions and emotions.

Now let’s get started- how to play poker: a poker game begins with the number cards to the face cards. In the number cards (2) is considered to be the weakest and (10) as the strongest. Next comes the face card which starts with the weakest (jack), king, queen and ace (the strongest). All you need to do at the beginning is to aware yourself with different kinds of poker hands that you can use in the game. These hands are the pair, two pair, and three pair of the same kind, four of the same type straight, flush, straight flush, royal flush and full house.

Pair means 2 cards of the same type regardless of the colour. Two pairs mean 2 same cards. 3 of a kind mean that you have 3 similar cards. 4 of the same type mean 4 similar cards. Straight states you have 5 back to back cards on your hand. Flush mean 5 random cards with no particular order or number. Straight flush states that you have both straight as well as flush cards with you. Royal flush means 5 consecutive cards with straight flush ranging from strongest ace to 10. Full house is a inter-mix of 2 and 3 of a kind.

Various games of poker have their own rule, you can start the deal from the top of the deck and the game continues clockwise till all the players have all their cards. Poker has its own terms that you may encounter while playing, these may be “bet” means your taking chances with your money, “raise” states you are raising the budget more than others. “Check” means you skip the chance of betting. “Fold” means quitting from the game.

However you will overcome through these basic terms after gaining a little bit of experience.