Loose Aggressive Holdem Strategy – 7 Tips For Accelerated Success


Tip #1 – First things first, you need to prepare your mind for what you’re about to do. Playing a loose aggressive Holdem strategy can take its toll on your mind and emotions – its hard work. Make sure you are extra prepared when you are about to play poker with this style.
Tip #2 – Next, pump up you bankroll. It’s going to be hard to correctly implement a loose aggressive Holdem strategy if you are constantly penny pinching because your bankroll is low. Top it up and sit down at tables with twice as much as you usually do.
Tip #3 – Never ever go on tilt. No matter what you cannot do this. Sometimes playing loose doesn’t work out. Sometimes other players just luck out. You will take bad beats and you need to handle them like a pro, not a newbie!
Tip #4 – Force terrible pot odds on other players. Try to make it NOT worth their while to keep playing at the pot. Many tight players will calculate their odds to the nth degree and then factor in pot size, stack sizes, bets etc. Use this to your advantage.
Tip #5 – Always bet your draws. For starters, always bet anyway. But say you are going for a straight draw or flush draw and you have the opportunity to slide through without betting – don’t. Always bet your draws because you will win more in the long run.
Tip #6 – Don’t forget to bet just to test the water with some people. It’s one thing to semi-bluff and bet big to try to win and it’s another to opt for betting instead of folding just to see how your opponents react. Then use this info to your advantage later.
Tip #7 – Seriously perfect your post-flop reading abilities. This is critical to overall success. If you are just kind of betting and following the strat’ by the book this is good, it’s a start . However, you need to be able to be playing Holdem well enough where its almost like your gut – your instincts – are telling you what to do rather then a set of rules from a strategy.
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