Loose Holdem – 5 More Marvelous Loose Aggressive No Limit Holdem Tips


Loose Holdem Tip #1
Work out each players possible starting hands. By doing this you can guess around about what types of cards they are playing. You need to know who else is loose like you and who is tight. Trample of looser players when they have less than optimal cards. Be wary of tight players especially when it looks as if they have hit the flop.
Loose Holdem Tip #2
Don’t get stuck up on premium hands. When playing loose, these are just another hand. It doesn’t so much matter what cards you have but what cards your opponents have. Focus more on what and how everyone else is playing and counter that and you’ll do far better.
Loose Holdem Tip #3
Switch up your play, but at the right times. You need to switch up your play at the critical times to fool your opponents. Such as full out bluffing a tight opponent when he has only mediocre cards and has been cornered in a heads up because everyone else has folded. Or duking out a battle with a tight opponent when you got dealt pocket kings and you know how has something good too.
Loose Holdem Tip #4
Create your own luck – try to luck out on pots. How do people end up getting a flush draw on the river? Well they go actually go in and bet the punt and win it. You will never get super-lucky and make those amazing hands if you never go for it. Of course, let pot odds and your feeling of the game direct you decisions.
Loose Holdem Tip #5
Don’t worry about being check raised. Even if you went to the flop with premium cards you could have still missed the flop. And maybe you’ll hit with your low cards. The tides would turn then wouldn’t they?
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