Loose Tournament Strategy – 3 Tips How To Steamroll The Competition


It doesn’t matter how good a player you are, whether you’ve won a tournament before or are still practicing your tournament strategy. Whoever you are, I know that you, like me, understand that a loose tournament strategy is the way to go. That’s why you’ll get great value from these tips.
Loose Tournament Strategy Tip #1:
-Utilise Value Bets
A value bet is a bet before the flop that forces people who want to be in to have to bet. Generally, if a player has very bad cards and everyone is limping in he will limp in too just to see the flop. You do not want this. You want to remove these freebie seekers whenever you can. So you will bet a good amount (3-5 times the big blind) to weed these suckers out.
Loose Tournament Strategy Tip #2:
-Pick The Uncontested Pots
Whenever there is an pot unfolding and it looks to be uncontested try to pick it up. You don’t even have to have fantastic cards. Most of the times it’s worth it because your opponent doesn’t have anything either. He is umm’ing and arr’ing whether or not to go in. Then you come in with a nice raise and he doesn’t even want to bother with it anymore. Conclusion – you pick up yet another small pot, but it all adds up.
Loose Tournament Strategy Tip #2:
-Raise Big When You’re In Late Positions
Late positions are your best chance to make a lot of money and fortify your position at the table and in the tournament as a whole. In these spots you have the best awareness of the game and this is the best position for you to win cash. You will win most of your money from these positions. So when you are in them raise up nice and tough to ensure that the pots you do get are nice and big.
Capitalise on weak moves by players early on. And don’t make the mistake about worrying that you will be check raised. Face it, you have the same odds of matching any card to a pair on the flop. So even if you went in with an A-K you could miss the flop. Never pass up the opportunity when in late position. You will win more over the long term this way.