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Bingo is a real “multiplayer” game. This means that it is possible to play with multiple people at once. The current version allows you to choose from several different “rooms” which can be played. There are rooms where you can play for 10 cents, 25 cents, but for 50 cents per card. The number of players per room is limited and subject to the ticket price. Each player can have up to ten cards per round played.

Online Bingo is very fast in recent years grown in popularity. The online version of this classic game has some advantages over the regular bingo variation you grandparents may still play at a bingo night. Online bingo is fast, comfortable and really easy to play. It is also a very social game, thanks to the online bingo chat rooms where you have players from all over the world can talk also with your friends or colleagues!

The basic principle of the game based on the ticking of a total of 24 numbers, which in a grid of five by five subjects are shown and where the middle box blank. The vertical rows are marked with the letters BINGO. Numbers in column B are in the range 1 to 15, numbers in the column I include the range 16 to 30, numbers in the column N (four plus one blank) consist of the series 31 to 45. Numbers in column G include the range 46 to 60. Finally are the numbers in column D in the range 61 to 75. The numbers are not printed numbering sequence so that a high number of combinations.

Cards are identical in principle than not. Nevertheless it is of course possible that there are several cards simultaneously BINGO falls. This applies to both the row and to the high price chart. At the same time the amount in the prize equally divided between the numbers of winning tickets. A player with two winning cards wills, if there is a winner with only one winning card, so two thirds of the pot received.

Governance rules and picks your winnings!
Bingo (also known as lotto) is a multiplayer game, each player has a form of numbers, and these numbers can be ticked off if the number that is drawn through the game, on this form is. Bingo is now very much played online at online casinos. Het is played with the numbers 1-75, with a single sheet consists of 24 numbers (5 × 5 numbers) because in the middle of the form number is not available.
Above the columns, the letters B I N G O
Column B contains five numbers in the range 1 to
I-5 column contains numbers from the range of 16 to 30
N-4 column contains numbers in the range 31 to 45 and the middle one empty field or a logo
G-5 column contains numbers from the range of 46 to 60
O column contains five numbers in the range 61 to 75
Each number comes up one time for each card. Numbers are mixed in each column. In its most basic form is as follows Bingo played. The game draws one for a ball with a number on it, then the player’s number on their bingo card search and highlight or underline. Possibly there are more rounds played. There are variations, with those wins, which the first one horizontal or vertical row of numbers has underlined away. Or ready to play until that one O, X, L, a square or other form of prearranged reached.
Play for real, play for cash prizes, only if no deposit bingo sites bought with good plays. At present there are the various rooms, tickets on sale of Euro 0.10, -, Euro 0.25, – 0.50 and Euro, – per card per round. As long as the clock (top right of the field) have started to count, you could have bought tickets. (Up 10 per player, per round) To buy a card, you can click on each of the ten Buy buttons at the top of the screen, all of which correspond to a single card. It is also possible to use the “buy a single randomly selected card to buy. The “buy all the sets with a player to touch all ten cards at once to buy. Please note that if you use this, then there is good enough to be available. Autobuy the button can be used in a next round automatically buy the same number of cards as in the previous round. For example, you played a round with ten cards at once and you then Autobuy button pressed, you get the next round automatically ten cards, which are completely randomly selected for you.

Good play by the landfill can play for real button to click in the Cashier menu on the right bottom of the page. Follow the instructions shown on the screen.

Play for Fun is the one button to click. In this way, free of charge with one card per round played. The button is clicked again, then the player with two cards simultaneously. The option play for fun, can also be found in the Cashier menu.

The start of a new round begins when the clock, right in the page counts down to zero. The clock starts with the new time (to buy tickets) to the next round, if a player has taken on a full Bingo card. Each new round consists of up to 75 balls.

The winning prize money in the pot, depending on the number of players involved and the number of tickets they bought together. Thirty percent of the pot price is for the profit pattern (eg rows), the remainder for the jackpot with a full card. In the upper right corner of the page is always the current state of the price pattern and the jackpot prize can be read. If there are multiple winners, the prize is divided by the number of winners, and if applicable, will also take into account the number of cards that they both had Bingo. At the moment there is a pattern or a full price ticket price cases, this is expressed through text on the page, and by a special sound for both the pattern and the bingo prize.

The space on the right side of the game screen shows both the time until the next round, the amount of bingo, pattern and price, but also the most recent winners. Further follow here to display the list of available players. Statistically, that is how much more is playing cards; the more likely it is to win prizes.