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Blackjack Strategy


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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, originated in the 17th century and since then very popular. Blackjack is just as whist and poker a skill game with a good strategy is important. The goal is obviously to get 21 points unless you go over it, try also as close as possible to 21 to come.

Blackjack Strategy

Unlike many gamblers think blackjack is not just a guessing game. Most casino games are however do. With each blackjack hand, there is a sound strategy and an incorrect strategy. The basic strategy is the right strategy. The correct strategy is the mathematically optimal strategy. This will profit maximize and minimize your losses on each hand.

It is you may have noticed that many other popular card games have no basic strategy. A poker player plays his hands on the fact that he thinks his opponent has a strong hand or is bluffing. Here he looks at the strength of his hand and maybe he would want to bluff.
There is no basis for any strategy card game where your opponent can decide how he wants to play the hand. For over one hundred years there was no basic strategy for blackjack because it was not a casino game where the dealer was showing a map and adhere to house rules should take. Rather, it was more like a poker game where both the dealer’s cards were not shown. The dealer was able to play his hand how he wanted the dealer and players could deal their own game.

When the American casinos their blackjack rules adapted so that the dealer had one of his cards to show and had to adhere to strict rules casino, something important happened. The basis of the game was a poker-style game into a more mathematical game.

Why does the basic strategy

For our purposes, we start with the assumption that the dealers play fair share. No stabbing and no scam. We are concerned with the logic of the game and will play the basic strategy that allows you to reveal the biggest win percentages the casinos destruction can do. The fact is that most casino games are shared fairly, if you ever met an unfair game, you should not try to play it.

Mathematicians have every possible hand you can have against any possible face-up card the dealer’s high-speed computer analysis. This allows an optimal basic strategy. These mathematicians discovered that the computer analyzes almost matched the four strategies that GI casinos had made in mid 1950, a ≤ s. They had no computers, but have 3 years old to be sacrificed every possible hand machines to be analyzed.

We also know that some very good adopters of these strategies is also the basic strategy discovered. These men have this home through every possible means to imitate. These men never reveal their strategies because they were pros. Blackjack, where they lived because of it and had hundreds of hours to sit behind these strategies. Why would they tell anyone?

There is one thing stand out. That is the casinos no convenient strategies for the game and the players who had the most highly acclaimed books on the subject had read neither. Many of these guides advised players to always be 15, 16 and 17 stand to hold, regardless of the dealer’s face-up card. This also advised to always split 10’s, but never 9ens splitting.

Many people understand the logic of this basic strategy is not. For example: when my hand total is 14 and the dealer face-up card is October 1, the basic strategy says this hit. This is a mathematically correct way of playing. Sometimes you will see an 8, 9 or 10 bus and hit enter. If the dealer turns over June 1, you will realize that the dealer had to hit 16. Here you had probably won.

Some players find that there is not really a basic strategy for blackjack which is always correct. Blackjack, if they find is a guessing game.

To understand the basic strategy, you start thinking like a professional gambler, which means that your concept of the “odds blackjack AO must understand.

As an example the operation of mathematics and statistics to make it clear we can take. You have a jar of 100 marbles in it. Fifty white and fifty are black. You must blindfolded with your hands in the pot and grab a white marble take out, but before doing this you have to bet $ 1 you put the white out of it. You get him out, you win $ 1 if not, and you lose $ 1. Is this a guessing game? Yes, absolutely. You absolutely can not know what color you get out, so it’s easy gambling.

But what if you have 90 black and 10 white? Would you now betting on black or white? Every thinking man bet on black. It is possible that a white out of it. This is a lot less likely than a black that you get out. This is a guessing game, but the odds are better to bet on black.

A professional gambler is always thinking of odds and bet only when the odds in his favor. With this bet, the gambler bet on black because the odds of 9 to 1 in his favor. Bet you are white these odds transformed returns.

Returning to the total of 14 when the face-up card the dealer is 10, you can lose, but the odds are better if you let alone your hand.

When you make these decisions on your feelings, you can win a few hands, but you will lose more in the long term. There is only one correct decision for each play, and that decision is based on mathematics. Depending on the rules and the amount of decks in play, the basic strategy the casino would benefit no more than 0.5% to make. This causes the least adverse blackjack game in the casino, even if you’re not a card counter.