A Review of the Poker Stars Online Poker Room


PokerStars is among the largest poker sites in the world, with poker games featuring poker variants that you can download for free. Players who are interested in online poker tournaments will find this website exciting as it features exclusive poker events that attract high stakes.

At first this site looks quite approachable, unlike some poker websites that seem to verge on the complications of poker jargon and stress on their free tournaments a bit too much. PokerStars strikes a calm, professional note from the very beginning, with not too much bragging, and not too dull either.

PokerStars boasts of being one of the premier online poker game sites whose players qualify for prestigious events such as the World Poker Tour, and the World Series of Poker Satellites, which is quite an impressive feat.

But that does not stop this website from adopting a user friendly approach, featuring a step by step Poker Software downloading and account creation tutorial, ideal for first time and novice players.

The home page provides an easy access to the online poker FAQ section, which is certainly appreciated by novice gamers. A glossary of poker terms, and a lucid poker rules section makes for easy understanding of the different poker variants, also a big bonus for first time poker players. PokerStars has a virtual tour segment where you can learn more about how to use the poker playing software through a series of guiding videos.

You can take a visual peek into how playing poker on PokerStars will feel like, with the introductory visual tutorials. As far as the pros are concerned, well, they are welcome to thrash out their real-time opponents on variants of the Texas Holdem, Omaha, Seven Card Stud High Low, Razz, Horse, etc. The gaming software that is available on PokerStars, is one of the most secure and reliable one, with separate applications for Mac users as well.

The most important aspect about an online poker or gambling site is its security; how secure are your deposits and whether you will be given reliable cash-outs. PokerStars scores high on all these security areas housing a fast, effective, reliable deposit and pay out system.

In case of events such the main poker room server crash, an assurance of updating players’ online PokerStars account status with the results of the completion of each hand is given, with any unfinished hand remaining a nullified game, with bets being called off. As far as the PokerStars rake goes, the website takes around 5% of the pot, which amounts to $3 max, quite reasonable in the context of free downloadable poker platforms on the internet today.

So who would want to play poker at PokerStars.com? Well, just about everybody. If you are a first timer, it is always better to start your game at a site that features poker variants and multi-level online poker tournaments, to hone your poker skills.

PokerStars offers novice players free practice sessions, which is a great way to gain poker experience. Who knows, you might even become so good at it, you’ll be the next to qualify for the World Poker Tour!