A Review of the Top Poker Players


In the world of Poker champions, Shirley Rosario definitely strikes a distinct note, as one of the foremost femalePoker Players in the circuit today. So, why not begin with her? This poker talent discovered poker at the Commerce Casino, LA when she took some time out of her prospective teaching career, and begun learning poker while working at the casino as a cocktail waitress.

After having met Professional Poker Player Steve Badger, she began taking advanced lessons in the game. Amazingly enough, her talents took off relatively fast, and she quit her former waitress job at the casino, and decided to join the big league of professional poker players. She spent most of her subsequent years winning high stakes at the online poker tournaments.

Phil Ivey’s success in the World Series of Poker tournament in the year 2002 made the world sit up and take notice of him, although he had been a regular at winning poker tours by then. His aggressive style of Professional Poker Playing still remains his signature, combined with a unique, intense, focused attention to the game, only Ivey can be accorded with. His intense concentrating abilities make him an outstanding poker player, with a razor sharp mind that will cut through the opponents hand in a flash.

Erin Ness was cut out to be a pro poker player ever since she started playing poker in her childhood years. Her love for the game led to the eventual entry into the world league, when she won an office tournament to win a chance to play at the 2004 World Poker Tour. She finished as the third highest winning female poker player that season, with Rosie Richie the first, followed by Lucy Rokach. Her calm and suave attitude captures the audience’s attention like no other, and is one of the most refreshing players to watch on the poker circuit.

Gus Hansen became a notable Professional Poker Player in the pro circuit, when he appeared in the debut season of the World Poker Tour. That same season he won final tables at the poker tournaments at the Bellagio, and the Commerce Casino. Hansen’s niche remains his No Limit Holdem poker game, where he out bids his opponent in a confident and outrageous manner, making him one of the most exciting poker players to watch on the circuit.

T.J Cloutier is not a new name you’ll hear when it comes to pro poker championship games. The poker veteran is touted to be one of the best poker players of all time, with around fifty major wins under his name. He has consistently been among the top five winners at the World Series of poker, if not leading the list.

This living legend has six bracelets for his wins, in 1987, in Omaha, Pot Limit Holdem and Omaha 8 in 1994, Omaha Pot limit in 1998, Razz in 2004, and the No Limit Event in 2005. He has held high rankings at the Reno Hilton and the Bicycle Casino, and the WPT apart from the above credits.