Short Handed Texas Holdem – 7 Tips To Make Money Playing Shorthanded


Some of you have been playing poker for a while, others are quite new to the game, but no matter who you are, I know that you, like me, need to make money play short handed Texas Holdem. That’s why you are going to love these great ways of making money playing short handed I’m about to reveal right now.
The fact is that most players lose when they are playing short handed. Whether someone leaves a cash table and you lose cash, or you get to the end of a tournament but lose out there, it can be annoying to have all the hard work go down the drain.
How would it feel if you could control the outcome of every single hand, and control the flow of money around the short handed table? Think about how great it would feel to be always winning. Well read all these tips and you will be very close to having this power. Plus, the extra special secret at the end may just be what you need to tip over the edge and fall into success.
Tip #1 – Play more aces. You can play pretty much any ace with any kicker in Short handed Texas Holdem.
Tip #2 – Play out of the blinds to limit losses from the blinds completely eating you up. It’s worth giving anything a shot for a cheap call.
Tip #3 Get aggressive, get real aggressive. Aggression is going to be your saving grace when playing short handed Texas Holdem.
Tip #4 – You’ll have to target players to be successful. This means isolating weak players or stealing blinds from tighter, more passive players.
Tip #5 – Realize middle suited connectors aren’t as strong anymore. This is because the payoff risk changes due to not many people at the table.
Tip #6 – Don’t worry about your stack going down temporarily. Usually your stack will vary quite a bit in short handed Texas Holdem.
Tip #7 –Remember your position is still the most important thing in the world to succeed. You’ll need to use and abuse it any time you can.
Imagine yourself winning a pot at your next short handed Texas Holdem table. You are feeling confident and successful. You are thinking ‘I knew I was going to win it, it’s working, I’m great!’
I know you are thinking about how helpful these tips are for you, and that finding more tips on how to play Holdem better will help you win more.
So please remain experiencing the feeling of a deep thirst for knowledge and information, the feeling that makes you want to access every piece of Holdem info you can – and always act on this feeling. Because every time you do you act like a successful poker player. And every time you don’t you act like a losing poker player.