Texas Hold Em: Does Loose Aggressive Or Tight Aggressive Win More?


I’m sure that for as long as there has been Texas Hold Em there has been the argument: is loose aggressive or tight aggressive a better strategy? This debate is as big as Pepsi vs Coke or Wheatbix vs Vitabrits. The thing is, the players that are always beating you have figured this out.
No matter who you are you can become a mega successful poker player. That’s why I know that you, like me, want to learn what strategies are the best to win easier and faster. And after you read this article and know the lowdown on Texas Hold Em loose aggressive or tight aggressive, I am sure you will be able to smother your enemies and destroy the people beating you.
My Results To Enable Your Results:
It all depends on where you are playing.
In cash games tight aggressive is better to win money. And loose aggressive is better to win more money faster – if you are experienced. The general progression is that first you get good at tight aggressive and winning with pure cards and then as you master the game you learn how to play looser more confidently.
Both are good, and usually when it comes down to it the best one is the opposite of your opponent. So if he is playing loose aggressive you play tight aggressive, and vice versa.
In tournaments tight aggressive is a ticket straight to the losers bench. Well, the 5ths and 6ths and 8ths bench. To really win tournaments in Texas Hold Em loose aggressive is the way to go. You need to get the chips as fast as possible – and waiting and waiting for good cards is too slow.
There is no one universal best strategy in this game. It’s not like you can play Texas Hold Em loose aggressive or tight aggressive and you will be unbeatable. You will get beaten by people with better cards than you. And if you play tight all the time you won’t pick up all the small pots, the blinds, the antes, the uncontested pots and the like to win more money fast.
Frankly you need to incorporate both. If I was you I wouldn’t think about choosing one or the other but, more importantly, I would focus on answering the question ‘What is the best strategy for this situation?’ If you want to super-charge your learning curve and attain real success in poker faster then check out this great course I recommend.