Texas Hold Em Tricks – 3 Prelop Tricks For Quick And Easy Wins


Sometimes in Texas Hold Em it’s better to just win as fast as you can. These tricks will teach you how to take quick and easy wins preflop.
Texas Hold Em tricks for easily winning are a valuable asset to any poker players arsenal. You can’t always do them all the time but when the opportunity arises you want to make sure you know what to do and do it.
In some games the preflop action will be weak. Maybe the table is full of tight players or there have just been some big hits and a few players are quite low stacked. Whatever it is, you’ll definitely want to make sure you steal some more chips to bolster your own stack.
Texas Hold Em Preflop Tricks – Blind Steal
The trusty faithful blind steal. No poker player should every play without one. Your goal here is to steal the blind when no one contests the pot. Doing this once or twice a round will make sure you never atrophy as the blinds increase in tournaments.
Texas Hold Em Preflop Tricks – Stealing Blind Steals
The slightly more cheeky stealing of the blind stealer is a second level tactic that can prove very effective. If you have been watching a player and he constantly blind steals, when he does again and you think he has nothing you make a large bet. Usually he will fold.
Texas Hold Em Preflop Tricks – Big Preflop Bets
Big preflop bets can sometimes be ever more effective than any sort of blind steal. This is especially true if you have a very solid and tight image. Whether you have good cards or not, if you suspect this round is weak you can make quite a large bet out preflop and you’ll probably find most players will fold.
If one player does match you, and you go to the flop, see if you matched it and play as you normally would. If he raises you then you are in a pickle. Depending on how much over your original bet and the ratio of pot to bet to stack will give you information what to do.
You really want to be avoiding that in the first place though, and that’s why you need to be careful when you do this.
These three Texas Hold Em Preflop tricks can be used in online games or in land based games. They are slightly easier to do in land based because you have extra information from the posture etc.