My Texas Holdem Poker Tips Information


It is like a mini bible for the success-seeking Poker player. If you really want to ensure some success at the poker table, whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced player, there are secrets, tips, and must-know risk strategies on the site.
There are also some very interesting testimonies written on the site, from actual players who have tried and tested the tips and techniques.
The fundamental basis of the website is the 3 month Power Poker Coaching Course, which has great inspirational lessons to ensure your success. The course consists of:
Daily lessons each day for 3 months, with a guarantee to improve your skill set in all aspects of poker.
Each day your new lesson will build on the last lesson to build up a comprehensive knowledge and utilize your skills to the maximum!
With articles, explanations and teaching concepts to help you master the difficult to grasp concepts, and incorporating practice exercises to enhance the skills – practice makes perfect!
The last month of lessons give you tough challenges where you get your chance to show off your newly acquired skills and play for cash, and with help, achieve success and walk away from the lessons with some money.
With videos on how to use probability software, to help you to tweak your game and take it up to the next level.
Included as a bonus in the course is a nice take on learning the full aspect of poker, the Relaxation Programs . They are special relaxation programming audios, to relax you into a super calm zone before your poker game, with suggestions to also keep you focused on your game. They appear popular and have some positive feedback comments from poker fans who have tried and tested them.
Also in the offer is a Psychology Course, providing a full length audio course called Personal Poker Psychology – Accelerated Mindset Course. It is full of the best psychological tricks and tips, and is crammed full of information and exercises.
Also included are the Reference Information Sheets and Cheat Sheets, to sneakily get you ‘in the know’ to enable you to cheat your way to success online! (these include Preflop Chances, Probabilities, Post Flop Probabilities cheat sheets).
Also offering the ‘Poker Rolodex’ where the experienced poker player will reveal all the best resources, people to talk to and where to get all the best poker knowledge (including how and where to find online fish).
This whole course is available for only $49 (original price of $299!), plus comes with a 100% risk free guarantee. (With the promise that if you are not completely happy you have had value for your money and you are not a better poker player at the end of the 3 month course, your money will be refunded!)
To Your Luck And Skill,
Alex Bannon
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